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Friday, February 18, 2011

Families playing hosts to Students and Interns of IFFAsia

Fr ThomasMakajil (6th from left) and Fr Phillip Muji (7th from left) with students, staff of IFFAsia and foster parents
Sandakan : Christian hospitality is showing the love of Christ in practical ways to fellow Christians and strangers based on love and truth. Hospitality in that sense should be given faithfully with love and in a manner worthy of God,

Some 10 families responded to the call to foster the 17 students and interns from IFFAsia Phillipines during their 12-day mission project here in Sandakan from 1st - 12th February 2011. The host families extended the comfort and goodness of their home to the young participants coming from across Asia. They not only open their homes but their hearts as well to them.

The wonderful foster parents and foster children experienced a truly life-changing opportunity because they see within themselves God's gift of fostering and being fostered ~ though their stay was brief but it touched them so deeply.

The welcoming hosts is a sign of the vitality of the local community.

Students and interns with Charles Bertille, Director of IFFAsia
Francis Tan and Bernadette with Aleona (left) of the Phillippines and Rose EiPhyu Aung (right) of Myanmar
Ferdee with Judith (left) of Myanmar and Ferly (right) of the Phillipines
Michael Wong (3rd from left) with Tiannan, Ling Ling and KouJia of China
Annie Rokneh with Anna (left) lf Malaysia and Mary An Le (right) of Vietnam
Carol Tai and KouJia (left) of China
Christopher Aban with Yao (2nd from left) of Laos and Carlu (3rd from left) of Myanmar
Sr Appollonia fsic playing host to the formation team. Front row (l-r) Maribel, Sr., Marical and Becky Back row (l-r) Abraham, Bong and Charles 
Anthonius and Airene with Bao (left) of Laos and Rodrigo (right) of the Phillippines
Virginia Olarte with Roselinah (left) of Malaysia and Christina (right) of Myanmar
Pilis Malim and Deepo with Sanpi (2nd from left) of Myanmar and Lisa (3rd from left) of Malaysia
Foster families and foster children
Bishop Julius (seated 5th from left) with staff, students and interns of IFFAsia       

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