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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

IFFAsia's Mission Project in Sandakan - their sharings

Sandakan : The one month IFFAsia mission project in Sabah 17th January - 15th February 2011 had mutually enriched and benefitted the students, interns and IFFAsia's partners, the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, the Diocese of Keningau and the Diocese of Sandakan. They spent 4 days in Kota Kinabalu, 12 days each in Keningau and Sandakan. The project, an integral part of the module allows the students the opportunity to apply their social and pastoral skills acquired during their 10 month training.

The12 days spent in Sandakan 1st - 12th February, where St Mary's Cathedral played host to the participants had given them the opportunity to stay with foster families, encounter with the communities and journey with the migrants. They shared their experiences in their encounter with the people in Sandakan as well as their dream and hope as they return home to their country after their graduation come March 6, 2011.

 Maung Si Thu Win @ Carl Henry Sheridon, student from Myanmar

'The 12 day mission project in Sandakan had given me a new learning experience. It is wonderful to see how the diocese grew in such a short period, putting in place all the various commissions. I am touched by the efforts of the diocese, in reaching out and touching the hearts of the migrants by providing them not just pastoral care but giving  the migrants' children an opportuning to have basic education through the community lerning program.'

Becky Garces,  Head of Formation, from the Philippines

'We met very committed people ready to be of service to the Cathedral and the Diocese. The people are very welcoming and we really appreciate their generosity. We felt very much at home. The Franciscan Sisters had been very accommodating, taking good care of us, the formators since day one. I hope to explore ways to continue the link with the diocese so that IFFAsia could be of service in molding the local  young leaders here in Sandakan.'

Ferly D.S. Mangilit, student from the Phillippines

'I am grateful to have my foster family here in Sandakan. I felt the love, acceptance and owning us, as their real daughters. I appreciate and will treasure all the sharings, all the moments we were together. I will cherish and keep dearly the fond memories.  I will not forget them and they will always be my family.
I am really touched by the strong support given to Anna Amandus by the Diocese, a very very caring diocese indeed.'

Bong Garces,  formator from Davao, Philippines

'The Diocese may be young. The organizing team displayed excellent administrative and management skills. There is no 'trial and error' nor 'hit or miss' approach. This makes the difference.'

Rodrigo B. Babiera Jr, an intern from Payatas, Philippines

'I am moved by the generosity of the Indonesian Catholic Community. With the little they have as migrant workers, they provided and shared meals with us. I valued the response by the diocese, through the Good Shepherd Sisters in helping the migrants.'
Yang Ling Ling, a student from China

'My dream - when I return home after my graduation, I will continue to follow the path of discipleship. I will do my pastoral plan and continue to discern God's call to me as a missionary. I want to be a witness within my family, my community and the society.'

Sonesacksith Solaphong, student from Laos

'The 12 day pastoral exposure in Sandakan had given me the opportunity to learn how to be an effective pastoral worker in the Lord's vineyard through the spirit of team work. The diocese had shown us how easy it is to work if we believe and work with the passion of Christ. I hope to build a strong network with the youth in Laos and to share Christ with them. My dream is to build up the relationship between me - youth - Christ.'

Roselinah Francis, an intern from Keningau, Sabah.

'What inspired me most is the value of teamwork. Each and everyone has different gifts and as such has different role to play. This is happening in the diocese.
My dream is to work with the young people in my diocese that they may have conversion of hearts.'

Meribel H. Castillo, formator from the Philippines

'I was touched by our encounter with the Indah Jaya BEC. It was our first encounter with families gathering together as a community here in Sandakan. I appreciate how the hierachy mingle with parishioners. There seemed to be no barrier between them.
I admire the administration of the Diocese and  hope to bring with me the importance of proper administration of any office I will be with.'

Abraham Chongo, formator from Zambia, Africa

'It has been such a conversion experience for us to be a welcoming community following your examples. It has been a very enriching experience bringing us to the heart of God for his mission. It has been a time of great hospitality and generosity. My dream is indeed to facilitate and train young people for the renewal of the Church and the society at large.'

Kou Jia, student from China
'The mission project in Sandakan had really enriched me in pastoral knowledge and skills. I felt very comfortable and at home in the midst of the local community and the migrants. It taught me how to share - time, talent and treasure with others with the love of Christ.'

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