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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bidding farewell to Fr Paul Lo

Sandakan : Fr Paul Lo, the assistant rector of St Mary’s Cathedral is scheduled to leave Sandakan for Rome, sometime in June to further his study in Scripture.

Some 500 faithful of the Cathedral, attended a farewell dinner, organized by the Cathedral Parish Council yesterday, Friday, April 30th 2010 at the Parish Hall. Also in attendance were Bishop Julius D Gitom, Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of the Cathedral, Deacon David Garaman and the religious sisters of the FSIC and RGS.
 Our Cathedral's promising Emcees
Fr Lo who hails from Kudat, was send to Sandakan on 1st July 2005, immediately after his diaconate ordination. He was ordained priest on 10th December 2005 at St Peter’s Church, Kudat and was then posted to the then St Mary’s Church as the assistant parish priest.
 Fr Lo, singing along with the Chinese Youth, 'Friends'
He is competent in Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and English. He blends well in the three language speaking community. He is instrumental in forming the ‘green group’ in the Cathedral to protect the environment, fulfilling part of the social teaching of the Catholic Church. He is vocal in taking up environmental issues.

Touched and moved by the presence of so many people, Fr Lo shared of the process of his priestly formation through his involvement in and acceptance by the community. In his 5 years as a priest, he strongly believed in the spirit of teamwork in building up the Church.

‘I find joy and a sense of fulfillment in serving the people of God here in Sandakan. Liken to a love relationship, Sandakan is and will always be my first love’, he said.

‘I shall count myself successful, only if, any among you, young people respond to the call to the priestly or religious vocation’, he added.
In between meals, there were presentations by the various church groups.

The Catholic Women’s Apostolate presented a very touching presentation by taking on a song ‘Till We Meet Again’ Part of the lyric reads as follows;

May the Good Lord bless and keep you
Whether near or far away
May you find the long awaited day, today
May your troubles be small ones and
Your fortunes ten times ten
May the Good Lord bless and keep you
Till we meet again .

Fr Paul joined the Parish Youth on stage to sing ‘If we hold on together’ sending a clear message to the people on the importance of togetherness in the journey of faith, hope and glory.The youth picked Numbers 6:24-26 to bid him farewell, which reads 'The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you.....'
In winding up the night, Bishop Julius said, ‘Fr Paul’s departure to Rome might be a sad occasion but I believe it is not a lost, it is an investment that he will return as a more successful, matured and effective priest in the near future.’

John Baptis, PPC Chairman, presenting a gift to Fr Lo
A gift from Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of the Cathedral to Fr Lo
Farewell and bon voyage to you, Fr Paul. Good luck good health. God bless you. That’s all our hearts can say. Bye and till we meet again.
Bishop Julius bidding farewell to Fr Lo

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again



  1. farewell, Fr. Lo.
    May God bless you in your studies...

  2. All the best to you, Fr. Paul. We hope to see you serving in the Diocese of Sandakan again after you return from Rome. Warrick (Wang, the boy at the keyboard, presenting you with two jazz pieces) will certainly miss serving with you at the altar!



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