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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Inspiration that leads to Charity

Sandakan - Inspired by the Franciscan Sisters of Kota Kinabalu, a parishioner together with two friends came forward to give a hand by volunteering themselves to sew the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing.

Margarette Sikuit with Elizabeth Ubing and Rosaline Phillip, parishioners of St Paul's Catholic Church, started their mission sewing the PPE clothing on the 7 November 2020 which took place in her own home. It had taken them two weeks to complete 150 PPE clothing that is ready to be used by frontliners at the Duchess of Kent's Hospital Sandakan.
The material had been provided by the hospital that was arranged earlier by the staff of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre and that of the Hospital's Logistic Pharmacy Unit personnel.

On the 27 November 2020, the completed PPE was handed over to the Hospital's Director, Dr. Francis Paul. Aside from Margarette, Elizabeth and Rosaline, also present in this event was Bishop Julius and Deacon Stephen Esguerra.
Dr. Francis expresses his gratitude to Bishop Julius and the church, especially the three Samaritans for their kindness in volunteering to sew the PPE clothing. A report from News Straits Time dated 19 November 2020, Sandakan recorded the highest Covid-19 infections throughout Sabah and was declared as Red Zone by the government. Thus, it is very crucial to have all PPEs in stock for frontliners as they are dealing with increasing numbers of Covid - 19 patients.
Bishop Julius conveyed his thankfulness to Dr. Francis and the hospital for the trust given to the church through Margarette and her companions. It is a blessing to be part of the mission of helping those in need, especially in this time of the pandemic.
Margarette and her team mates are looking forward to any assistance needed. She is assuring that they will be there to help.
A photo-taking together ended the auspicious day.

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