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Friday, March 11, 2016

Bless me Father for I have NO sin!

By DS/eva

“Forgive me Father for I have No sin!”, the boy said to Fr.John Corapi inside the confessional. I have said that many times in my life too. I believe this stems from lack of understanding of what a SIN is. I was told before that only mortal sins need to be confessed. As long as I have not murdered anyone or coveted my neighbour’s spouse or goods, I have no mortal sins. Saved me from prickling formality of mortal sinners queue! Fr.John Corapi in his video talk on Confession proved me wrong.
Once, I have to pay for 2 years a driver’s license. Having used to paying yearly, I argued with the staff and she just simply said “If you pay after your birthday, then you will have to pay for two years”. Relatively, if I may put it, I am paying for the first year as my “payment for using the facility” while the other year I am paying for my Penalty for not knowing the Law.That is the Law and I just have to follow. Likewise, if there is no Law, there is no recognition of what sin is. Sin, according to him, disconnects us from receiving the grace from God. St. Paul’s letter to the Romans also said that having the Law put before us, we recognize that we have sinned.
     Fr.John Corapi mentioned to look at three principles of a mortal sin. One, it is very grave. Again, “grave” smells deadly. Second, I have full knowledge of it. I know and I am aware of it . And lastly, I have my will and consent. I agreed to do it anyway.
Grace is very important to be able to do the things beyond our ability to achieve and the capacity to endure. Grace cannot be acquired through merits or good works. It is a free gift from God. With out grace is like having a cellphone with a battery but no charge. Hence, sin renders me dead - no life, no peace, no joy. God is life and when I choose sin instead of God, my relation with Him is severed. Having committed a mortal sin is a direct ticket to hell! But God, so loving and merciful, afforded us a way in order to be cleansed and be re-charged again, through Confession. With Jesus’ mercy, both payment and penalty are paid.   
      Fr.John Corapi pointed out that The Ten Commandments is a good way to start to help us in the examination of conscience. He challenged us by saying, “If you have not violated the first commandment then there is no need to go down to the third or fourth.” and he went on and on. At the end of the 10 commandments I murmured in my heart “Forgive me Father for I have sinned against all the Ten commandments.”
      That’s it? No! And after the Confession detach oneself from all those sinful activities. As renewal is a process, healing and conversion depends on how sorrowful I was in begging for God’s mercy. After all, who wants to lick back its own vomit?

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