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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Article by Julita Kantod
photos by Rogena and Julita
Sandakan : The Family Life Office of the Sandakan Diocese organized the first ever Teacher Training Program (TTP) on the Billing Ovulation Method (BOM) from 24th to 26th June at the Sandakan Diocesan Meeting Room. 
The 3-day training program was conducted and facilitated by Mr. Chan Lek Lim a prominent speaker both at National and International  level on the Billing Ovulation Method who is also the President of the National Fertility Awareness Service of Malaysia ( NFASM ).

Rt. Rev. Julius Dusin Gitom, Bishop of Sandakan in his welcoming address took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the honourable speaker  Mr. Chan for his generosity in accepting the invitation to share his experience with the people of Sandakan. He said, "It is in deed a golden opportunity to be exposed and learn  new things especially when it’s related to your service and to the church. I believe you will gain much from this training. Enjoy yourselves and get as much as you can so that you may benefit from it not only for yourself but to others as well."

27 participants from  the 4 Parish Family Life Ministry across the diocese and Commission members, two FSIC Religious Sisters  and five couples participated in the training.
Mr. Chan conducted private consultations to 5 childless couples a night before the training program proper on 23rd June. The 3-day session began with an introduction  on fertility and updates on issues related to fertility followed by in-depth study of BOM and ended with an assessment.

Some points presented on the requirement of fertility or contributing facts for human fertility:
1.            Satisfactory Ovulation with normal hormone level
2.            Health and good quality of sperm
3.            Adequate mucus  and healthy cervix
4.            Healthy and patent Fallopian tube
5.            Healthy endometrium and
6.            Harmonious relationship between husband and wife
Mr. Chan also mentioned on the possibility of infertility and difficulty in conceiving :
1. Insulin resistant
2. Lack of Vitamin D
3. Disturbance or Pituitary Disorder (Hyperthyroidism  or Hypothyroidism)
4. Other Endocrine related problem
One of the participants shared that the knowledge he gained from the progam is an eye opener for him especially on the issues of immorality of the contraceptives and the wonders of the natural method.
Eva Siruno, the Director of the Family Life Office of Sandakan reminded all participants to be good servants of the Lord. She said, "As authentic servants of the Lord we need to be passionate and be  patient. Dealing with people could be very challenging but then God’s has gifted us with a humble heart, granted through our prayers. I believe that keeping others privacy is also our priority as we share and exchange knowledge with them."

God has given men and women a complete structure with parts called body and its wonderful natural functions beyond the understanding of human being. Learning and experiencing knowledge through fertility is one way of  promoting the value of God’s gift in each marriage. The union between husband and wife calls for joint responsibility. Respecting others fertility leads to mutual trust, growth in love and care, promoting a harmonious and happy life as a family.

 Participants from Lahad Datu
 Participants from Sandakan
 Participants from Tawau
 Participants from Telupid
Eva Siruno, on behalif of the Diocese presented a souvenir to Mr. Chan who has facilitated and presented a very informative and important input to the participants.

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