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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Courtesy Calls

Sr Lily Sorop RGS, a member of the Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd based in Virac, Cantanduaness, Phillipines paid a courtesy call to Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom on Friday, 25th September 2009 at the latter’s office, Church Hill Road Sandakan.

Fr Jojo and Sr Lily with Bishop Julius

Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd seek to bring the Good Shepherd's liberating love to all God's people through contemplative prayer, silence, solitude, faithfulness to the gospel, and meditation on the Word of God.

Sr Lily Sorop RGS hails from Tambunan, Sabah and has been in the Phillipines since 2003. She is currently back in Sabah for a short vacation.

Fr Jojo with Bishop Julius

Fr Jojo Fung SJ, a Jesuit Priest who is based in the Malacca Johore Diocese (Majodi) is the current priest in charge of the Malaysian Campus Ministry. He visited Rt Rev Julius Dusin Gitom who is the Bishop in charge of laity, earlier on the same day. He updated Bishop on current and upcoming events of the Catholic Student Council of Malaysia -Singapore- Brunei.

Fr Jojo is a Sabahan from Likas, Kota Kinabalu. He was ordained a priest in 1987 and since then has been serving in Peninsular Malaysia. He has a Master Degree in Anthropology from London University and a Phd in Contextual Theology from the Chicago School of Theology, USA.

He moves around to give talks and seminars on culture and faith as well as Catholic social teaching. He is actively involved in interreligious dialogue and ecumenism.

He could be reached through his e-mail

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