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Friday, March 27, 2009


By: Dospo
During the recent trip to Paitan, the only mission in the Diocese of Sandakan, from 18th - 20th March 2009, Fr Thomas Makajil rector of St Mary,s Cathedral, Sr Liliana FSIC, Dr Henry Ong and his team, Henry Wong and the Committee members of the Paitan Mission as well as Anne Rokneh and members of the Catholic Women's Apostolate visited five (5) Kampungs in Paitan.
Picture 1 Fr Thomas Makajil and Sr Liliana FSIC posing with the parishioners of Kg Rakanan after the Eucharistic Celebration on 18th March 2009
Picture 2 Father Thomas Makajil and the Paitan Mission Committee headed by Henry Wong with parishioners of Kg Sulit, Paitan on 18th March 2009

Picture 3 Infant baptism at St Clare's Chapel at Kg Dalamas, Paitan on 19th March 2009

Picture 4 A section of the parishioners of Kg Dalamas during the Eucharistic celebration in St Clare's Chapel on 20th March 2009.

Picture 5 Dr Henry Ong attending to parishioners at St Clare's Chapel, Kg Dalamas after the Eucharistic celebration on 20th March 2009

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